For all those interested in healthy living and personal development, the Golden Palms Retreat is an ideal location, with its organic food and vegetable, indoor and outdoor areas for small classes, Yoga and Meditation workshops in a tranquil setting.

The Fijian local medicine is never charged for as the Fijians believe that will not work if people have to pay for it. The local medicine has been handed down over centuries by oral tradition. There is no written information that we know of. And we have gained the trust of some of the villagers who have the knowledge of the healing properties of some of the local plants and we can arrange a tour with some of the locals to identify different plants and their healing properties. This would be an excellent experience for a group of naturopaths.

Vegetarian dishes are available at local restaurants eg. Kumarans local curry house, Pizza restaurant and many other local hotels cater for vegetarians. If you want to cook your own, there is an ample supply of organic fully ripen locally grown fruit and vegetables.